Modern Authentication Without Passwords for Microsoft Windows
Download our solution guide for passwordless authentication now. No Azure or other cloud providers required. However, compatible with cloud services. MFA for file shares and other previously impossible scenarios.
SystoLOCK is a solution for passwordless login to Windows-based enterprise systems.
It eliminates passwords and makes logging in easier and more secure.
One-time passwords and push notifications directly in login dialogues
Where other providers use special plug-ins or additional programs, SystoLOCK uses Microsoft Windows' own functionality to query for login data, which can either be entered or requested via push notifications.
SystoLOCK: Modern and Secure
Separate service for multifactor authentication (MFA), without changing the AD scheme
Extension of the native Windows login dialogues for MFA
Authentication via PIN+OTP, QR code, push notifications, hardware or software token
Own Authenticator app for iOS and Android, other apps (e.g. from Google or Microsoft) possible as alternatives
Transparent logon of users to the domain by means of temporary certificates
Management via supplied MMC snap-in
Support for remote desktop, VPN, Office 365, etc.
Adapter for AD FS for authentication to cloud applications
Development of SystoLOCK completely in Germany
Patented technology
What security features are used instead of passwords?
SystoLOCK uses modern cryptography with one-time passwords and PINs for user identification. In addition, identification via biometric features is possible in connection with smartphones. Internally, short-lived digital certificates are issued and used for each login process.
Is SystoLOCK a cloud solution?
No, SystoLOCK works completely on-premises and does not require a cloud connection such as Azure or similar.
Does SystoLOCK also work with modern RDP installations?
SystoLOCK is compatible with RDP in all variants, including remote apps and publishing via an RDP gateway.
What are the requirements for the operation of SystoLOCK
SystoLOCK is very economical with resources and works hand-in-hand with Active Directory. Only a certificate server (AD CS) must be available in the network.
Is parallel operation with passwords possible?
Yes, administrators can define rules for disabling passwords and be selective with the disabling.
Is offline login possible with SystoLOCK?
Yes, SystoLOCK makes it possible to log in offline by using an authenticator app SystoLOCK Companion.
Can SystoLOCK be tested?
Yes, you can test SystoLOCK for 30 days in your own company and then uninstall it without a trace.
Will SystoLOCK extend AD scheme?
No, SystoLOCK does not extend the schema and noes not write to existing objects in Active Directory.
Can SystoLOCK be used with Office 365 and other cloud providers?
Yes, with the help of AD FS plug-ins SystoLOCK can also be used with almost any cloud provider.
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