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Strong Authentication for Microsoft Windows
Without passwords
SystoLOCK is a solution for true, multi-factor authentication without passwords.
SystoLOCK provides strong protection for all login dialogs, services, and network protocols by eliminating Windows passwords completely from the network.

By using the native Windows PKI functionality, logging into Microsoft Windows-based environments with SystoLOCK is done without additional upstreaming and without Azure.

All digital certificates are managed on the server and are not saved on client devices.
One-Time passwords and push notifications in login dialogs
Where other vendors rely on special plug-ins or add-on programs, SystoLOCK uses Microsoft Windows' own functionality to query the login data and protect all network login dialog, services, and protocols in one swoop. You chose whether you type, scan a QR code or receive a push notification.
SystoLOCK is
New & Unique
SystoLOCK secures all login-dialogs, services and protocols in one easy swoop.
Existing MFA solutions work with plug-ins, protecting only selective services while others remain vulnerable. Only SystoLOCK completely eliminates the Windows login password and minimizes administrative effort.

This basic difference - and completely embedding into the Windows environment - makes SystoLOCK truly unique.
With SystoLOCK Companion you perform logon within seconds in a most secure manner.
Use our special mobile app that makes authentication even easier. Always have your smartphone with you? Then that's the way to go!
Popular OTP Apps
Use your favorite apps to generate unique passwords.
You want to keep them separated? Then use RFC-compliant token to generate unique passwords.
Or use both and stay flexible in any situation.
SystoLOCK is
Universal and Native
and offers total security
Users log in to all company resources using two factors – from login on their own PC over access to Exchange, Web and file servers to launching remote desktop sessions.
This way all available OTP apps and hardware tokens are supported.

Unlike existing MFA solutions, SystoLOCK uses the native Windows PKI functionality and protects all login dialogs and protocols by default. SystoLOCK can be used wherever non-secure passwords or costly smartcards were once needed.

As a result, SystoLOCK is completely transparent to users and administrators, since no modification of the system or server structure is required to use SystoLOCK. In addition, SystoLOCK is RFC-compliant – an exception in the world of network Administration.
SystoLOCK Supports both Windows and Web Apps
and speaks Single Sign-on (SSO)

SystoLOCK can protect all applications

Do you have an in-house application with special requirements? An easy task for SystoLOCK!

Office 365 and other Web applications can be secured easily via AD FS.

SystoLOCK is Security
Made in Germany
as secure as it gets!
SystoLOCK is developed completely in Germany.
All processes and information are, of course, subject to German law and German regulations. This means high-level safety standards and legal certainty.

With its technical standards, SystoLOCK is definitely in the vanguard. It uses the newest protocols and algorithms, preventing any known vulnerabilities from a point of attack. Furthermore, all data transmissions are encrypted, rendering data phishing impossible and useless.
And when no passwords are used, then they cannot be guessed, spied on, or deciphered by combing the dictionary.
Fast and easy Installation

SystoLOCK is sleek, universal, and low-maintenance. It's the favorite of administrators - no plug-ins need to be installed or maintained later, and the server structure remains unmodified.

In addition, during staff changes the time-consuming setting up of smartcards for new users is a thing of the past!

This allows you to achieve maximum security with minimal effort – the less complex solution, the lower the risk of security gaps.
SystoLOCK is Cost-Efficient
and is patent pending
SystoLOCK was awarded 'BEST OF' title in 2017 and 2018 by Initiative Mittelstand (SME Initiative) in the category 'IT Security'
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